Conscious And Effective Communication


Find your Voice & Speak Authentically

A 3-Day Seminar for Women in Wanaka, NZ


How would you feel:

  • Being in your Integrity and Listening to others without judgement?
  • Standing in your own Power communicating comfortably?


The reason to come to this seminar is to:

  • Stop your negative self-talk
  • Learn to listen to what you are saying
  • No longer 2nd guess what it is you want to openly communicate


Dates:       Friday Oct 19, 2018, 1 pm – Sunday Oct 21, 2018 4 pm

Location:  The Lookout Lodge, Wanaka

Tuition:     NZ $1200, includes teaching materials, accommodation, meals and yoga


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 Study Groups


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“The follow-up study group has helped me in several ways. First, listening to situations presented by others gives depth and expansion in my understanding of conscious communication through your comments and examples. Second, the group setting gives me experience in speaking about my own personal growth through your guidance. Third, I think we can all agree that it’s more like a therapy session in working through our blocks in communication! I feel deep gratitude for you and all that you have taught me.”

~Sarah W., Kansas


“You are the facilitator, teacher and trainer that I really trust. Your communications seminar affected me in the most positive way. I can tell you that my communication professionally and in my personal life has improved enormously.”

~Rita Archibald, California


“Thank you dearest Noorah for your extraordinary insights, your delightful humour, your far-reaching skills, patience, love and wisdom. Your facilitation of ‘Conscious and Effective Communication’ enabled much deep healing, clearing the way for the heart-centeredness and clarity of intention necessary for me to communicate with conscious authenticity. This for me is such a huge and important break-through – It makes my communication so much clearer, easier and more direct. It also gives improved definition to much of my life, and as I consciously apply the principles through clearly defined intentions, all aspects of my life are empowered. I am most grateful.”

~Raeul  Pierard, Auckland, New Zealand


A huge, warm thank you to Noorah  for her superb presentation during the weekend event ‘Conscious and Effective Communication’. Noorah kept impressing on attendees the importance of clarity and authenticity in our communication with others, and explored the barriers to this, followed by the tools to promote conscious speaking, listening and writing. I highly recommend signalling interest to Noorah for her to return to New Zealand and offer this again.”

~Annwyn Hanham, Auckland, New Zealand