Noorah has taught communication and empowerment courses to individuals from all walks of life since 1984. Her studies included Language of Mastery, Outcome Facilitation, Sacred Body Language, and Imagining Outcomes. For over 20 years Noorah has been teaching “Mastering Communication: A Journey to the Heart”, “Live your Mastery”, and “Finding your Voice”.

After meeting Louise Mita , the founder of Integrative Quantum Medicine ™ (IQM), Noorah experienced IQM as a profound healing modality for herself and others.  She became a Certified  Practitioner and Trainer of IQM in order to assist others in their own healing process and is now teaching Level I and Level II seminars to students world-wide.

Noorah is a Cross-Cultural Communications Coach for individuals, couples and business organizations. She is an International Seminar and Retreat Leader and offers these retreats in her home town of Mt. Shasta, CA, throughout the United States, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.