Coaching provides an ongoing partnership to assist you in fulfilling your personal and professional goals


Sessions are individually tailored to help you:

*Shift your way of thinking

*Communicate to others so your message is heard

*Clear negative thoughts and focus on healthy beliefs

*Speak from your heart with compassion

*Enhance your ability to listen well

*Gain confidence in trusting your intuition

*Live mindfully in the present moment

*Make powerful choices


One on one coaching sessions available

One Hour Session

Half Hour Session



Call or Email Noorah Hansen for more information

or to develop an individualized program

in one of the following areas:

Individual   **  Couples  **  Business

 My 20-year relationship was reaching its end but I was unable to leave it. Noorah helped me see the gifts and the teachings from my time with my partner. Better yet, she helped me release my attachment to the drama and to walk away in clarity and gratitude. I am free. Thank you, wise friend.