Healing Sessions


Noorah is a Certified Practitioner of Integrative Quantum Medicine™ and offers individual sessions over the phone anywhere around the world. With IQM she is accessing the powerful quantum field of energy for relieving headaches, allergies, chronic pain, emotional issues, mental stress and more.  


Individual Healing Sessions by phone

$150 USD per hour/$75 USD per half hour

One hour required for the initial session,
Please call Noorah to set up an appointment.


One Hour Session

Half Hour Session


For NZ residents

$120 USD per hour

NZ 1 Hour Session

Two 1 hour sessions $240 USD

NZ Two 1 Hour Sessions

I broke my arm and both elbows. For the first 5 days I was unable to sleep. After a 30 minute session with Noorah, I was able to sleep soundly for 4 hours and my pain was reduced by 40%. I highly recommend working with Noorah.”  ~Lisa Barone, Florida

Noorah is a living master whose presence cheers me up. She is so intuitive and experienced that she can find the core of your issues correctly. She helps and guides me with compassion, love and respect.”  ~Akeiko S. Kyoto, Japan

What you did in the way of healing was different than anything else I have ever had. You are an amazing woman and you have an amazing amount of power in the way you work and I do have to say that I feel it is through you and your coaching that I had the conviction to change one of the most personally important decisions that I have ever had to make in my life. I am sure I would not have handled this so well or so strongly without your help. Thank you.”  ~A. Saunders, Poole, England

What a treat for me once again to be present in your wonderful presence! Thank you for who you have chosen to be and for sharing your awesome self.”  ~Kathryn, Ashland, Oregon