Sacred Journeys

Sacred Journeys

A Sacred Journey is a time for an individual or private group to BE WITH the energies of different powerful locations on Earth. It is a time to deepen your connection with Nature and for raising your personal vibration. These journeys are life-enhancing and transformative experiences.


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Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Castle Hill, Aotearoa

Castle Hill

Aoraki, Mt. Cook


Mt. Shasta, CA


Bali Temple


 “This retreat has helped me to believe in myself in a new way. I “Remember” who I am.”~Danielle, Smithville, Missouri

 “Noorah has a great balance between the masculine side of structure and organizing and the feminine side of intuition and guidance. A wonderful experience with a teacher so gifted in facilitating a women’s retreat.”~Christine VDM, Hailey, Idaho

 “I know something very profound happened during the retreat. I have a settled feeling and one of clarity. I have finally invited something new into my life. Thanks again. You are so very talented.”~C Janet, Ashland, Oregon

 “Thank you for an incredible retreat! I am so glad to have you as my teacher and guide. I know I’m living more fully because of you.”~Patricia, Stockton, California

 “What an incredible experience this has been. You are a fabulous teacher and soul opener. My heart and mind remain full.”~Maryann, Houston, Texas

 “New beginnings, balance, what a great way to sum up the retreat. And many times, it feels like you are my guardian Angel. Thank you for your guidance and all your love.”~Tracey, Valley Springs, California

 “Thank you for your insight and ability to bring me out of my shell and to become the real me.”~Denise, Stockton, California