Study Groups

Study Groups support:

♥  Your ability to understand the IQM work.

♥  Your ability to utilize the IQM work.

♥  Your ability to apply the IQM work to any given situation.

♥  Your ability to feel confident.

♥  Your ability to be creative.

♥  Your ability to remember to protect yourself.

♥  Your ability to have successful results.

♥  Your ability to use IQM on yourself.

♥  Your ability to use IQM on others.

♥  Your ability to enjoy the endless potential that you have.


Dates and times available upon request.

 “The Level II weekly study group keeps me focused on the daily practice of IQM. I love sharing my experiences of how IQM has helped me in so many areas of my life. I enjoy contributing on the call and learn from everyone else’s experiences. Each person brings a different awareness of IQM which expands my knowledge. I appreciate Noorah’s insightful facilitation and I look forward to each week’s class. ”

~Kat Aby, Petaluma, CA


 “If I didn’t take Noorah’s Level II study group I would not have progressed as far as I am now. Reading the book is good and yet to hear other people’s experiences gives me new ideas of how I can use IQM. Noorah is a really good listener and facilitator and she is able to guide me to heal myself. ”

~Maqua Iqua, Mt. Shasta, CA